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Abuse richiede conferma e-mail

Come rimuovere virus e spyware? Le carte di credito sono davvero sicure in rete? È possibile navigare anonimi? Con quali programmi tutelare la propria privacy? Come proteggere i file importanti? Se volete una risposta a queste e altre domande questo è il luogo giusto!

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Abuse richiede conferma e-mail

Postdi dany » 26/07/07 08:39

Ciao a tutti.
Ho ricevuto questa mattina un e-mail da abuse in cui mi viene chiesto (se non ho capito male) di confermare la mia e-mail a causa di un aumento di malware, in modo da essere sicuri che sia effettivamente io che invio .


Due to the tremendous amount of spam, viruses, and worms currently circulating via e-mail, we have found it necessary to protect our business e-mail system with a confirmation process that verifies incoming correspondence as legitimate.

In order for our Abuse system to process your complaint, your complaint and email address must be confirmed as belonging to a live human account.

Once you have confirmed (by simply replying to this e-mail) the correspondence you sent to the SAVVIS Abuse Desk will be given priority treatment.

To confirm that you did send the message below, simply reply to this e-mail, sending back the contents of this message. You do not need to add or edit anything.

If you did not send the e-mail below, it is possible that your e-mail address was forged by a spammer or internet virus; in order to hide their identity, a spammer or virus will often randomly select an e-mail address from their lists and insert it in the "From" and/or "Reply To" fields. If so, you can safely ignore this message and may disregard the confirmation process described above.

For individuals that do not wish to use this email confirmation method to submit their complaint, a web based reporting tool will be available in the near future.

Savvis is very concerned that its services and products not be used to harass others or in any way that contravenes our acceptable use policies. We are looking into your complaint(s) and will take action as permitted under the relevant agreements that we have in place. Please note that, because of the volume of complaints we receive each day, you may not receive an individual response to your email.

You may view the Savvis Acceptable Use Policy at:

Please note the following guidelines for sending complaints to abuse@Savvis. net. IN CASES WHERE REQUIRED INFORMATION IS MISSING FROM YOUR COMPLAINT, WE MAY BE UNABLE TO TAKE FURTHER ACTION.

All logs should be included in the body of the message and not as an attachment.

For Port Scans, DoS attacks, virus issues and hacks, please provide all logs including date, time, and timezone, packet type (UDP,ICMP etc) source and destination IP. Logs should NOT be sent in GIF, JPG, BMP, Word, Excel or any other non-ASCII format. Log files should be limited to 50 lines or less and be sent in plain text format.

Logs older than 15 days may not be processed.

We will investigate complaints concerning SAVVIS customers; to the extent your email pertains to non-SAVVIS customers, we will be unable to take further action.

For email SPAM, please provide the complete headers of the message, as well as the full body of the message, pasted in the body of your email. HTML links must be intact. Please do NOT forward as an attachment.

Please note that if you wish to contact a SAVVIS-hosted website, you can use the publicly available whois information to obtain appropriate contact information. Whois information can be viewed at:



SAVVIS Abuse Team

For your reference, the original e-mail you sent is attached below.

Mi confermate che è effetivamente così. :D
Preciso che lo spazio nell'inidirzzo email e le parentesi nei link[] le ho inserite io.
by by dany(Daniela)
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