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Intervista a GaŽl Duval, fondatore del progetto Mandriva - news originale

Intervista a GaŽl Duval, fondatore del progetto Mandriva

Condividi:         dade 13 Dicembre 06 @ 08:00 am

2. Intervista in inglese

1. When did you first start working with computers?
Actually it's been a long time because I got my first computer at 10 and
am currently 33. It was in... 1983!

2. Why did you decide to create a Linux distribution?
In 1997 I noticed that Linux was a very nice and solid system, but it could be used by UNIX guys only because everything was done with the command-line (unless you install FVWM, AfterStep or even OpenLook Window Manager, but they were quite poor environements).
So I started to wonder how we could do to make Linux easier, so I put the first stable version of KDE as default environment for Linux, and added a few cool features, such as icons to access and automount the cdrom and floppy drive. This way, most people could use Linux and this really worked because my brother, who was working as a journalist and has no knowledge in computer sciences could use it for all his press work withouth any help.
For Ulteo, I want to go further: I noticed that all users who are not experts spend much time to perform administration tasks, installing new software, upgrading, fixing issues in the system. I think that using a computer should be easier, and that people should even focus on the applications, not the system. That's one of the main ideas behind what I want Ulteo to be. After my brother with Mandrake, Ulteo is ultimately addressing my mother's computing needs.

3. What sort of help have you received?
The most important help that I have received when I went out from Mandriva has been this incredibly warm support from many many users and friends. More than 10,000 people in fact. Unfortunately I couldn't even answer to all of them.
Additionally, many contributors have applied, and a part of them is now helping the project.

4. What do you think about the Microsoft/Novell deal?
It was surprising to see that. I guess that Microsoft is trying something to jump onto the open-source wagon in some way, but ultimately this really means that Linux & Open-Source is a big, big wave, and that there is a big market for it. This is market recognition after all.

5. What do you expect for Mandriva's future?
All the best.

6. We have seen your new project, Ulteo, what you can say about it?
I can say what I told you above :-) Today is a big day because we have sent the first Ulteo newsletter! It was time to give news.

7. What's the status of ULTEO project? Are there new incoming ideas about it?
There are already many ideas from me which are going to take some time to be implemented, but the development has accelerated and we plan to release the first alpha version of Ulteo this week. (--> see Home Page Ulteo).

8. We know that computers aren't everything in our lives, so what do you do for fun?
I'm spending time with my wife and little daughter. I also used to play much music and still doing recording when I have time, but that's quite rare now! I like to spend time with friends, cooking, watching movies, reading, walking in the countryside...

9. Something about you: may I ask you what has happened with FranÁois Bancilhon, the actual Mandriva CEO? Different points of view?
It's a very sensible subject for me. Additionally, it's past now, so it's better to think about the future.

10. I don't believe in the GNU world, how would you try to convince me to embrace this strange (for me) philosophy?
It depends on what you put in the "GNU world" philosophy...
Anyway for me, the best qualities of GNU/Linux/X11/KDE/GNOME/Etc. (and the rest) is that it provides better software by enabling collective intelligence.
But this leads to an interesting question: how to convince people of the benefit of Free/Open Source Software? Even as a true believer in Open Source Software, I'm always avoiding any political/philosophical arguments. I'm just giving opportunity to these people to have the choice. If they prefer to stay under Windows or Mac, I have no problem with that: it just means that we have to improve. If they start to use a Linux-based system and they feel like they are empowered with it, then it's a success.

1. Intervista in Italiano
2. Intervista in inglese

0 commenti a "Intervista a GaŽl Duval, fondatore del progetto Mandriva":
Ciko Ciko il 12 Dicembre 06 @ 19:42 pm

veramente bella ed interessante!!
Ť una cosa nuova, diversa dalle solite news, o recensioni.un'intervista a questa persona, uno dei simboli del mondo OpenSource, fa pensare e riflettere su cosa sia piý o meno giusto, etico e corretto e nel mondo e soprattutto nel commercio del software.
gael Ť sicuramente una persona fuori dal comune, con una grande testa, un successo indiscusso e ottime idee per andare avanti, ma nn per questo trae spropositati guadagni da un ottimo lavoro come il suo.
credo tu sia riuscito a far emergere molto bene il lato umano, e lo spirito con cui una grande persona come lui, manda aventi un mondo che sarŗ sicuramente un futuro molto prossimo.
Complimenti davvero ed in bocca al lupo per i tuoi prossimi lavori

Senders Senders il 14 Dicembre 06 @ 00:03 am


non vedevo l'ora di leggere l'intervista per intero, hai fatto delle domande azzeccatissime, e anche Duval non Ť stato da meno con le risposte, mi fa piacere ancora di piý il mondo di linux e aspetto con ansia nuove novitŗ

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